How To:
Apply Vinyl Graphics
Apply your vinyl graphics to a surface by following these simple steps!
Step 1 Clean the surface.
Use a dry cloth to clean the surface.
Step 2 Secure with tape.
Tape the vinyl graphic in place and measure from multiple vantage points to ensure that it is positioned symmetrically.
Step 3 Tape in place.
Once you are satisfied with the position, apply another piece of tape across the top of the vinyl graphic.
Step 4 Remove backing paper.
With the tape functioning as a hinge, flip the vinyl graphic around and carefully remove the backing paper from the transfer tape.
Step 5 Apply the graphic.
With the graphic in place, apply pressure with a credit card. Working from the center to the edge, evenly force the air from beneath the image.
Step 6 Remove Transfer tape.
Remove the tape from the top of the graphic. Now carefully peel away the transfer tape.